How Essential Oils Saved My Son.

If you’re a parent with a sick child you know how extremely exhausting it can be. Taking over the mind, body & soul exhausting! Exhausting for not only you as the parent, but most importantly for your innocent helpless child. When you have a sick infant it is just that much more exhausting & terrifying. Your baby can’t speak so doctors are forced to be their voice whether they’re right or wrong, whether we want to hear it or not.

I’ve been there. I was that exhausted parent crying unsure of what to do. I’ve seen the inside of more emergency rooms than I’d like to. Thinking a second or third or fourth opinion wouldn’t hurt. Visited specialist praying for an answer. I’ve gone through various medications searching for the right one, and still nothing was working. Nothing I did or tried, no one we visited helped my son. I’m not sure if I was desperate or had just given up after months of unanswered questions. My baby was struggling right in front of my eyes & there was nothing I could do about it. Or so I thought.

My son Bryson was born the first week of November, he arrived a tad bit early & spent a week after birth in the NICU where he was fed through a tube.Nothing life threatening or too serious, but of course you couldn’t tell me that at the time. Leaving the hospital without him was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. After great progress Bryson was discharged from the NICU & I was able to take him home. The next few weeks at home were just about the most exhausting days of my life. Between breast feeding, pumping, constant diaper changes & the pain from my c-section I felt like there wasn’t even a moment for me to sit down & enjoy my kids. & that was just the beginning of a long journey.

Bryson first got sick a month after he was discharged from the hospital. I took him to the emergency room with a slight fever & cough. They admitted him with RSV, which is the most common cause of pneumonia in infants. He was admitted again a month after that hospital stay. Followed by multiple ER/doctors visits they sent him home with a nebulizer I would have to treat him with every 2-6 hours depending on how bad his breathing was at the time. On top of strong medication for eczema which goes hand & hand with asthma, he was also colic which made every & any situation even worse. Though they couldn’t technically diagnose Bryson with asthma because of his age, that was the direction we were headed in. With a long family history of allergies & asthma I knew this wasn’t something that would subside with time. His doctor eventually sent us to a pulmonologist to hopefully give us some clear answers. That doctor then explained with the family history along with the severity of his problems he did in fact suffer from asthma & it would most likely be this way his entire life. All of this before the age of one. You could not only hear his struggle to breathe but you could feel the crackling in his back & chest. The wheezing & chronic coughing along with eczema covering his body was heart breaking.

I started to think this was going to be his life, our life. How do I send him to daycare, how do I go to work knowing he is struggling to breathe? How do I feel comfortable leaving his life in someone else’s hands? Will they watch him as closely as I would? Will they give him the proper medication at the specific times as needed? How do I go on with my day? Will this really be his entire life? So much started going through my mind. Will he be able to play sports, rough house with his brother, participate in gym class? I dont want him to be left out, I don’t want him to live his life scared with an inhaler in his pocket 24-7. All these fears, thoughts & concerns I started to believe were all true.

I talked about this almost all the time with the doctors at the clinic I was working at. One of the doctors had asked how Bryson was doing one day & randomly brought up essentials oils & asked if I had ever used them. Of course not. Oils? For asthma?! That sounds crazy! But I listened to everything she was saying, because why not? I had already tried every medication & home remedy, I guess natural oils wouldn’t hurt at this point. Later that day she brought me some oils to try on Bryson starting ASAP.. & thank god for her because it forever changed our lives!

When we first started using the oils I applied dōTERRA Breathe Vapor Stick on his chest & soles of his feet every hour. breathe stickWhen first starting out you have to be constant for the oils to penetrate into the pores. I also applied an allergy blend roll onto the soles of his feet & temples. After just a week of constant application you could hear the difference in his breathing & the crackling noise in his chest was completely gone. I have not touched Bryson’s nebulizer since starting essential oils. After a while his eczema was gone & his skin was finally that baby soft skin everyone loves. It was an absolute miracle, & I still can’t believe what oils have done for my son.

On top of applying oils to certain and safe parts of the body I also put a few drops into a diffuser. A couple of my favorites are dōTERRA – On Guard, which is a good immune boost support. & dōTERRA – Peace, which promotes feelings of peace, reassurance & contentment. Both amazing, effective & safe for a diffuser in the kids bedroom.

I strongly recommend these products & this brand to everyone & anyone. They’re both effective & safe for any age. I tend to think how Bryson’s breathing or his daily life in general would be if we had never tried the essential oils. I will forever be grateful for essential oils & the doctor who pushed me to not give up hope. There is an answer for everything, you just have to be willing to fight for it. Don’t give up moms & dads!

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