5 Holiday Traditions For The Fam

I don’t know about you but I tend to turn into a completely different person during the holiday season. Call me Martha Stewart! DIY’s & baking from scratch, anything “Christmas” count me in! I will try just about anything to see a smile on my little ones faces. But I really want to start making annual traditions with them. Something they can look forward to every year around the holidays, and something they could potentially share with their family’s in the future. We split Christmas Eve & Christmas Day between my side of the family & my boyfriends side, so I think it will be nice to have traditions with just the 4 of us. Our kids are still pretty little so finding things that they can actually participate in & understand is sometimes difficult but we can always add or alter traditions as they get older.

Listed are some traditions we have started or plan on starting with our little ones..

1. Holiday Pictures – Everyone loves a good Christmas card, & what better way to capture a memory. I take pictures & videos of EVERYTHING my kids do & even going back 6 months to see how much they have changed is amazing. This is our 3rd Christmas card & definitely not our last!

2. Christmas Morning PJ’s – I absolutely love this tradition, & yes I’ve got our jammies set! I just think it’s a cute way to end the night/start the morning. It’s festive & gets the kids into the holiday spirit. & of course lots of pictures for memories!

3. Put Up The Tree/Decorate the House – I mean this tradition is a given but I like to add a little sum sum to make it extra special. My family usually blasts Christmas tunes while we decorate to really get into the holiday spirit! Also we get a new ornament for the tree every year. Something that represents that past year or what’s going on currently within the family. For a example when I was pregnant with Josiah (first born) our ornament was a baby snow boot.

4. Watch Holiday Movies – This is a super easy tradition & fun for all ages. I know when I was little I got so excited around Christmas time for the 25 days of Christmas on ABC Family, which we know now as Freeform. One of my absolute favorite Christmas movies still to this day is The Year Without A Santa Claus which was made in 1974. With it being that old I noticed my kids weren’t too into it so I like to switch it up & play an older movie & a newer one. There’s always a new Christmas movie every year but nothing beats an old classic. This way we can all watch something we like!

5. Elf on The Shelf – This will actually be our very first year doing this. I bought it as a gift last year & told the boys the elf would be back next year to visit. Josiah & Bryson again are still pretty young so I think I’ll do a 5-10 day countdown since they really don’t understand what the purpose of the elf is yet. As they get older I will tag on more days.

These are just some of the holiday traditions we have started or are planning on starting this year. I love hearing what other families do during the holiday season, that is what the holidays are all about.. FAMILY! This year will be a little different, it will be our last Christmas in Illinois with our entire family. We do plan on coming back for Christmas Day in the future but all our other traditions will be happening in California. I’m sure with the complete weather change we will be adding a lot more traditions to our list!


Happy Holidayzzzzz


Omar, Kassi, Josiah & Bryson

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